Scholarship Criterion

Scholarships are applicable to grades K through 12. There are no scholarships offered through this program for the Learning Center (Daycare).

Scholarships are awarded according to need, the merits of each applicant, monies available, class placement, and priorities established by the Scholarship Committee. These priorities include:

  • Single parent families with limited income
  • Emergency circumstances that call for temporary assistance
  • Church membership in Calvary Cathedral International

Scholarships generally cover only a portion of the tuition cost. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for all remaining tuition and fees. Failure to meet this financial responsibility will result in discontinuance of aid. A scholarship is not automatically renewed from year to year. Parents and/or guardians must reapply each school year. No assurances can be given in advance that aid will be granted the following year. Students must remain in good standing academically and behaviorally to receive or continue receiving financial assistance. 

A completed student application and a copy of the household’s most recent federal income tax return must accompany the scholarship application. If applying for aid for more than one student a separate scholarship application for each child must be completed. Applications will be accepted between February 1 and June 15 prior to the school year for which the aid is requested. Falsification of any information will disqualify the applicant from any award of benefit. 

All information submitted is considered confidential and will be reviewed only by the Scholarship Committee of Calvary Christian Academy. 

Should the applicant family’s financial status change during the period that scholarship aid is in effect the family is required to notify the Scholarship Committee of the change.

  Scholarship Application Form 

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