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IMPORTANT! These may only work on a Windows or Linux based computer. They will not run on Mac, iPhones, iPads, and probably not on Androids. These remain here "as is" and are not supported.
   Bombardment  World War 2 shooter! Shoot down the Nazi bombers before they bomb your ship.
   Brain Safari  A fun educational game for the younger crowd.
  Astro Kid A "climb ladders and figure out how to get past obstacles" to get to the next level game. Note from the Quizmaster: I tried this and it is a lot more sophisticated than it looks at first. Each level is an increasingly difficult logic puzzle. Be sure you let Astro Kid give you tips before each level or you won't make it to the next.
  Jump Jump  Swing from vine to vine and jump across lilly pads. Somewhat like 'Pitfall' from days gone by.


Click start to begin each level.
Watch which colors light up and click them in the correct order.
 Bongoballs  Use mouse to aim. Shoot Bongoballs with left mouse button. Connect three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear. Eliminate all balls before they reach the hole to advance to the next level.
 Pacman Advanced  Classic Pacman style..... use arrow keys to control Pacman
Jungle Fruits  A 'clear the board' game.... easy to play and addictive
 Brain Machine  Fast paced math quiz ... very good for building math skills
Flying Egg  Requires only the left mouse button to control .... more challenging, and fun, than it seems at first
 8ball (pool)  Good pool game.
 Cuaracha  I have not quite figured this one out, but it looks like fun.
Starbound A simple game for kids with fast, nimble fingers and good hand-eye coordination. (a little too tough for the old webmaster) 
Swuffle Great game! Fast paced and requires quick thinking. Try it.
Mystic Temple Good logic and memory challenge. Try it.

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