Elementary History & Geography

Social Studies:

This Social Studies course introduces students to a sense of community, beginning with the concept of the family as the basis, and expanding outward to include the greater community. It includes a study of community workers, basic United States History and Geography, as well as international geography and cultural facts.

History and Geography:

Grade 1
Students are provided with an exciting introduction to history, geography and map skills. First graders learn about their country, where it is located on the map, where on the map they live, and how their country relates to the whole world. Students are taught important symbols, history, and places of interest in the United States. Simple facts about the geography of our world and children who live in other countries are shared. Students are taught about patriotism and respect for our country.

Grade 2
Second graders learn what life would have been like in our country?s early days. They learn the history of our flag and of patriotic songs and holidays. They study the lives of groups that made valuable contributions to our American heritage. Geography is incorporated into the lessons.

Grade 3
Third Grade History includes the study of biographies of great Americans. The emphasis is on patriotism, character development, and various contributions made by Americans to this country. Additionally, the course includes a general introductory study of the 50 states and map skills.

Grade 4
In this study of American History, students study famous people, major events, changes in ways of travel, communication, and thinking, and the principles that made America great. Through this study, students learn to love and respect their country. Included in this course is a study of the state of Texas. Students will be required to assemble a state history notebook.

Grade 5
History at the fifth grade level is structured so that the entire history class can be a lesson in patriotism and Biblical character training. The facts of history are given from a Christian perspective, giving students the chance to develop the traits that can make them great men and women in God?s sense of the term. During the year, fifth graders will not only be taught a survey of world history and geography, but will also learn many important documents from American History.

Grade 6
This course focuses on the geography and history of the New World with an emphasis on map reading and interpretation. Students learn about climate, primary physical features, plant and animal life of the New World. Students will study United States history from the Age of Exploration to the Twentieth Century, famous Americans and great Christian leaders throughout American History. This course also includes a study in contrasts between democracy and communism.



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